10-7 K9 Association

Partners for Life

Law Enforcement Service Dogs (K9s) are brave and courageous animals that unselfishly keep our communities safe.  The Association supports the working dog and their handlers with needed protective equipment and specialized training during their active duty.  Once retired from service, the dog and associated expenses are then incorporated into the handler’s household.  We seek to ease the financial burden away from the handler with financial help towards veterinary and burial costs when the time comes.  This is our commitment to the K9 community.  We strive to obtain our mission by generous donations from our communities and fund raising opportunities.




Reach Out

Work with members in your community to thank our two- and four-legged officers.

Our Mission

If you would like to donate items instead of money, several departments use Kenic Emu Oil shampoo.  Email Kim Parker at kimparker@10-7k9.org for information.  Thank you!!!

The purpose of 10-7 K9 Association is to focus on the State of Texas to promote the use of police service dogs, educate community groups on the value and needs of police service dogs, fund additional training and equipment for police service dogs and their handlers, assist the K9 units of law enforcement agencies, and assist with the care of retired police dogs and furnish death benefits for all police canines.




A special THANK YOU to the Rescue Bank for donating 13,000 lbs of Royal Canin food to all of the law enforcement K9 teams in South and Southeast Texas, who worked to protect our lives during Hurricane Harvey.  Many of these K9 teams lost everything themselves, so it is a huge relief for them to have food!!

Urgent Projects

​10-7 K9 Association is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.  We support active and retired law enfforcement K9 Units in the state of Texas with funding for vet bills, equipment such as ballistic vests, training for both the K9s and their Handler, costs incurred by retired dogs and burial costs for K9s who have passed.  

At the end of their courageous and dedicated careers in law enforcement, Police Service Dogs are retired with the universal sign off