• Garland P.D. - purchased ballistic vest, paid for vet costs for retired K9 (Tex) and then paid for his cremation costs once he was put down.

  • Dallas P.D. - PSD Drummer was gifted to Dallas PD in honor of Garland Officer Travis Betz.  The Association purchased PSD Drummer from Performance Kennels in Minnesota and Mr. Steve Pearson.
  • Wylie P.D. - presented a check for $1000 to go towards a purchase of a new PSD.  They raised the rest of the funds through community donations.
  • Wills Point P.D. - presented a check for $2000 to Officer Long for a new K9 program they are starting.  The dog was donated and our money heloed pay the remaining balance of the training fee for the handler.  Through our efforts, an outside kennel was procured for Officer Long and PSD Zeus.
  • Corpus Christi P.D. - paid for a handler to go to training down in McAllen.  We also paid for his travel costs.  Kongs have provided to all of the CCPD handlers and medication for two of their retired dogs, Annie and Kimbo, was purchased. 
  • Nueces County Sheriff's Office - we were able to set up an emergency medical care class for all of the NCSO handlers, to learn  how to care for their dogs if they are injured on the job.  We were also able to have medical kits donated to each handler.  Additionally, we were able to obtain a grant for all PSDs to receive ballistic vests.  They also have received a much needed wash bin and grooming blow dryer so their dogs can be cleaned more easily.  We were able to have a bloodhound puppy donated and we paid for her vet bills and for her search and rescue training when the time comes.  A local vet donated high end shampoo, oil supplements for their food and flea and tick preventative. Countless Kongs have been provided as well.  
  • San Patricio County Sheriff's Office - provided vehicle heat alarm remotes for the handlers to wear while inside...and Kongs. We also, sadly, provided the urn for K9 Karr, when he passed away. 
  • Dublin, Texas P.D. - Vet bills were paid in full for PSD Shelia from an on duty injury that required surgery.
  • Caddo Mills P.D. - Officer Paul Thompson requested help in purchasing an outdoor kennel for his newly acquired PSD.  A kennel and kennel accessories were purchased.  We recently were able to purchase a training collar for this team as well.
  • Denton P.D. - PSD Kaution was purchased with funds donated by the Association and 100% of his training came from Board Member Josh Kirby.
  • Port Arthur P.D. - After Hurricane Harvey, we sent Kongs to the Port Arthur PD K9 Unit, because a happy K9 means a happy Handler.  Additionally, we funded ear surgery for K9 Apollo.  
  • Harris County Sheriff's Office - After Hurricane Harvey, we sent Kongs, courtesy of The Kong Company, to the 22 K9 Teams.  We purchased two ballistic vests and leads for two SWAT K9s. 
  • Memphis P.D. - We were able to donate equipment to the Memphis K9 team.
  • Hall County Sheriff's Office - K9 Izak is in need of a new insert for his Handler's Tahoe.  We reached out to area agencies to see if they  had one they could donate.  Thankfully, Lubbock PD had a spare and graciously donated it to Chief Deputy Johnson and Izak.  
  • ‚ÄčTexas DPS -Trooper Adams and PSD (ret) Fischer.  We were able to purchase a custom fit brace for Fischer to help heal a torn ACL.



departments we have supported

10-7 K9 Association helps CCPD's canine officersPosted: Mar 14, 2016 1:36 PM CDTUpdated: Mar 14, 2016 6:31 PM CDT
By Dr. Brad Hoffman

 Sr. Officer Jonathon McGinley and his K9 partner, Tanja. (KRIS)] Sr. Officer Jonathon McGinley and his K9 partner, Tanja. (KRIS)

Kim Parker and her husband  brought the 10-7 K9 association program here to the Coastal Bend to help local law enforcement with it's K-9s and their human partners. "It's something my husband, Scott, and I are very passionate about. These dogs are wonderful and so we like to do what we can to give back to them and to the two legged officers" said Parker.  Some of the things the association does is help provide the officers with the tools they need, such as food and vet services for retired dogs, to hot car alarms; where an alarm sounds when the units temperature reaches a certain degree and aid with training costs.

CCPD has 5 K-9 dogs, including Tanja who sniffs out narcotics.  Sr. Officer Jonathon McGinley said, "they can find from  a couple of seeds of marijuana to several thousand pounds." Sr. Officer McGinley adds that the dogs are trained using  a reward system.  "You build on the dogs natural to the dog they are not looking for drugs they are not looking for money they are not looking for a bad guy. What they are looking for is a toy and a reward."

Today Tanja will sniff out some heroin. The box of drugs is hidden under a park bench. From the time she was released til the time she paces back and forth,  which indicates she has found something... 13 seconds.  Good enough to get a toy and send a bad guy to jail.

For more information concerning 10-7 K-9 Association you may go to their website located at

10-7 K9 Association

Partners for Life