P.S.D “Boomer” was born in Holland on September 19th, 2005 and purchased by the Garland Police Department in March of 2007. Boomer was assigned to Officer Josh Kirby and went through basic K-9 school in McKinney, TX where he was certified in narcotics, tracking, and patrol. Boomer served the citizens of Garland from 2007 – 2015 and conducted manhunts all over North Texas from Montague to Canton. Boomer retired in 2015 due to age and enjoyed his retirement at home with his family.   

Boomer was best known for his friendly social demeanor and conducted hundreds of public demonstrations in schools and in the community. Boomer was equally impressive on the streets as he apprehended over 150 criminals throughout his career and seized 100’s of kilos of illegal drugs and over $2,000,000 in cash. Boomer was twice the “Top Dog” of the USCPA K-9 trials and won numerous awards throughout his career. 

In 2012, Boomer sired a litter that produced P.S.D. “Shadow” who was trained by Officer Kirby and gifted to the Owasso Police Department in Oklahoma where he works today. 

Boomer passed away on September 2nd, 2016 with his family by his side, and is loved and missed by those who knew him and worked with him.

Kimbo served the Corpus Christi Police Department for 9 years and was the first dual purpose patrol K9 for CCPD.  He was born in Holland and was a fabulous tracking and narcotics dog.  He loved helping his handler, Jon McGinley out every day and they had a great partnership.  

Kimbo enjoyed training on the 'bite suit' and enjoyed biting food as well!  He loved his Kongs and would work hard just to be able to play with his Kong.

Kimbo retired from CCPD in 2016.  He passed away unexpectedly in July 2017 at ten years old.  Thank you for your service PSD Kimbo.  The CCPD K9 Team loved you. 


Karr was a wonderful narcotics and tracking K9 for the San Patricio County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit.  He and his Handler, Deputy Olan Brooks, brought a lot of narcotics off the streets.  Karr and Deputy Brooks were always so good to help volunteer at several 10-7 K9 Association events.  Karr was always such a friendly and sweet boy.  

Karr was a handsome, black and gold German Shepherd from the Czech Republic trained in narcotics detection and tracking. Karr was certified in narcotics detection through National Narcotics Detection Association. Karr entered his first competition in 2017 where he placed 20th out of 77 dogs.

When Karr was not training or finding narcotics, he was at the local schools spreading joy. Karr loved to visit all of the kids at the different schools within San Patricio County. Karr’s favorite pass time was playing fetch. He was a big part of the Brooks family and will be missed tremendously.  We love you Karr and will see you again one day.  


PSD Brix was born November 15, 2003 in Czechoslovakia.  Brix was imported to the United States by a vendor in North Carolina in early 2006.  Brix was purchased by the Garland Police Dept in October 2006, where he was assigned to Officer Guthrie and began his police career with the Garland Police Department.  

Officer Guthrie and PSD Brix started basic K9 school in October of that same year.  PSD Brix eagerly served the City of Garland from October 2006 until August 2010, when he was medically retired due to complications from an injury which was sustained during a bad car wreck during the previous year.  In Sept 2009 Officer Guthrie was involved in a high speed car accident on LBJ Freeway as they were responding to assist Mesquite Police Department in searching for an aggravated robbery suspect. 

As a result of the car accident PSD Brix fractured a vertebra in his back near his hind legs.  PSD Brix was able to rest and rehab this injury and returned to work in January.  PSD Brix worked just as hard after his injury as he did before, catching several criminals, finding dope and even saving a life.  In August 2010 while training with the DPS Air Unit, PSD Brix re-injured the vertebra and was taken to the vet the next day.  During an exam it was determined that PSD Brix had the same injury as before and the likelihood of returning to work was doubtful.  Officer Guthrie decided that it would be in  Brix' best interest to retire him so that he could rest comfortably for the remainder of his life without risking further injury to his spine.  

Since retirement, Brix' health continues to deteriorate.  He has severe muscle atrophy due to the injury.  Brix has limited use of his back legs and takes several medications daily to help him with the pain and inflammation in his hips and legs.  There are other treatments and therapy that could aid in his rehabilitation, however cost is an issue.  It is difficult to afford many of the things needed for his well being and support on a police officer's income.  Once a dog retires he receives no further compensation from the city.  All medical expenses fall upon the handler.  Brix is provided with as much care as possible at home, but the expenses for care and medical treatment are a heavy burden.  

During his short 4 year career Brix received several awards for his heroic service to the Garland Police Department, which include 8 Certificates of Merit, 1 Merit Bar, 16 Letters of Commendation and 1 Lifesaving Award for finding a woman in Mesquite who had taken an overdose of medication in a suicide attempt.  The woman had gone deep into a wooded area that was very dense and over grown and had sent text messages to her family telling them all goodbye at 8:00 am.  Mesquite Police Department had located her car just off the roadway in a rural part of Mesquite.  She had been in the woods for nearly 8 hours on a very hot July day.  Mesquite Officers had spent several hours combing the woods in an attempt to locate the female.  The search area was very thick with over growth and difficult to traverse.  As a last ditch effort Brix and Officer Guthrie were called out to the scene to locate the woman.  Brix located her within minutes of their arrival.  She was found unconscious and near death laying under some thick brush.  There is little doubt that she would have died that day had Brix not located her. 

The last apprehension made in Brix' career may have also been one of his most significant. In July of 2010, Garland officers responded to a rape in progress. Patrol officers arrived on scene and were advised by the distraught female victim that the suspect had just fled the location on foot. A perimeter was set and Officer Guthrie and Brix responded to the scene to attempt a track of the suspect. Brix located the track of the fleeing suspect and as officers were approaching where the suspect was hiding, the suspect ran from officers across a major roadway and into a residential area. Brix again picked up the track of the suspect and quickly located the suspect hiding in a back yard of a residence. Without the outstanding work of Brix that night, a violent rapist would not have been apprehended.

Officer Guthrie and the officers who worked with him are very proud of PSD Brix for his service to the Garland Police Department. PSD Brix was laid to rest in February 2012.Type your paragraph here.

PSD "Czar" was born in in the Czech Republic in November of 2000. He was purchased by the Garland Police Department and assigned to Officer Brian Griffeth. Czar was Officer Griffeth's third working dog during his career as a K-9 handler and trainer. Officer Griffeth handled PSD "Xanto" from 1992-1994 before Xanto was stabbed and killed feloniously during the apprehension of an aggravated robbery suspect. Officer Griffeth also handled PSD "Bexar" from 1994-2003 before Bexar was retired. Czar served the Garland Police Department from 2003-2007 at which point Officer Griffeth retired and Czar retired with him. 

Czar made a total of 143 apprehensions which is an extraordinary number for a relatively short working career. Czar became legendary as a deep nights K-9 during his time with Garland PD and was involved in many high profile apprehensions of dangerous felons. Czar had a reputation with the officers he worked with as being a little bit quirky and certainly had a unique personality. Many police dogs become loved dearly not just by the handler's but by the officer's they work with every night and Czar was no exception. Almost every officer that worked with Czar has a story of both great police work and hilarious behavior which endeared him to the officer's on the street.  

In 2008, Czar was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease just months into his retirement. While surgery to correct the issue was not an option, Czar was prescribed medication to deal with the pain associated with the disease. Czar has a good quality of life and is taken care of at home by the Griffeth family. This organization aims to ease the financial costs associated with Czar and his medical conditions.

PSD Czar was laid to rest in May 2014.




PSD (Police Service Dog) Tex was born December 7, 2000. He was purchased by the Garland Police Department from a vendor in Colorado Springs, and assigned to Officer Morrow for a short time until Officer Morrow transferred to a different division. PSD Tex was then assigned to Officer Vornberg for approximately a year until Officer Vornberg promoted to Lieutenant. In March 2007 Officer Owen was transferred to the K-9 Unit and assigned Tex. 
Officer Owen and Psd Tex worked the streets together for 2 years until Officer Owen noticed that after any form of physical activity Psd Tex would favor his back right leg. Tex was taken to the vet and a scan revealed that the muscles in his back leg were deteriorating. The vet advised that Tex was over compensating on his back left leg which caused him to lose the muscle mass in his right leg even faster. After some rest and time off, the situation was not improving and the tough decision was made to medically retire Psd Tex. 
PSD Tex had the reputation of being one of the best tracking dogs to ever serve in the Garland Police Department K-9 Unit. Most of PSD Tex's apprehensions came from tracking suspects that had run from officers and when Tex's nose was on the ground, everyone knew the suspect would be caught.
Tex proudly served the Garland Police Department and without a doubt, his handlers and the other officers in the department were extremely proud to serve with him. During his career Psd Tex received the following awards: 14 certificates of merit and 4 certificate of merit bars.  PSD Tex was laid to rest in June of 2012.

Harley Mae was donated to the Nueces County Sheriff's Office, a three month old bloodhound puppy, from Sky Rock Bloodhounds and Basset Hounds.  She was in the process of being trained for search and rescue and was going to be offered to law enforcement departments all over South Texas.  

Harley was a loving, sweet and funny girl.  She loved other dogs and her human sisters and brothers.  She never met a stranger.  One of her favorite play toys was empty plastic water bottles and plastic planters.  There was never a dull moment around this sweet girl.

Harley Mae unfortunately met an animal that did not like her.  She thought the rattlesnake in her pen was just trying to play.  Unfortunately, he wasn't.  She was only with us for a year and a half, but she made an impression in everyone's heart and will never be forgotten.


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