RETIRED and loving it!!

Urgi began his service with the Nueces County Sheriff's Office in 2009.  He was a dynamic narcotics dog and removed millions of dollars worth of narcotics off the streets of Nueces County.  Urgi was always present to meet the community and show off his love for his Kongs, whenever 10-7 K9 Association worked events in South Texas.  Orignially from The Czech Republic, Urgi had a bit of a climate shock moving to South Texas, but he acclimated to the weather and was always anxious to work.  His Handler, Deputy Eric Wood, would take Urgi swimming during his off duty hours.  Urgi never met a body of wather he didn't like!  He now will be able to chomp on his Kongs on the couch all day and enjoy his much deserved retirement.  Thank you for all you did and do Urgi!!!



Annie began her service June of 2009 for the City of Corpus Christi Police Department.   She was assigned to the Narcotics/Vice Division.    After her certification she hit the streets in August of 2009.    During her first month of service she assisted officers on Hwy 77 and alerted on the dashboard.   This led to the recovery of $83,000.    She also assisted on other agencies such as DEA, ICE, DPS, Secret Service, and the FBI.    Annie located a total of $480,000 in US currency during her watch.    She worked especially close with the US Postal Inspector and detected NUMEROUS packages containing illegal drugs.   Due to health reasons and aging Annie was allowed to retire in November of 2014 and currently resides with her handler Sean Orsak.    She enjoys hanging out with ALL family members eating popcorn and Doritos.    She is currently 11 1/2 years old.

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